With increasing demand of IR LED, osram Germany is hiring aggressively

AL4880 Project1

European company OSRAM spokesman reveals that, can be expected in the near future, will be a large demand for infrared LED components, including Iris identification to wait for hot market mobile device infra-red LED, so factories in Regensburg in Germany, is expected to hire about 1,000 new employees.

Osram recently focused on automotive lighting, have reached the company’s total proceeds of 50%,Osram noted that they continued to bet on the Smartphones market demand LED potential of related components.

Osram says up to 2020, the company will continue to release position. Optical Semiconductor factory will increase the manpower of around 50%, responsible for manufacturing and research and development, with the balance used for driver assistance systems and infrared LED components needs.

Samsung (Samsung) produced by Galaxy Note 7 in the wake of several bombings, one of the market’s focus is to supply Osram infrared IRIS identification device. Reports said Osram also supports the same technology to Samsung to be published in March, April sales of new machines Galaxy S8.

Osram’s competitors also have new messages. Nichia chemical (Nichia) has recently won several lawsuits; former Philips (Philips) Lumileds in December 2016, was sold part of its stake to Apollo (Apollo Global Management).

Osram announced on February 8 the first quarter reported high demand for LED components, infra-red part of the income is higher quarterly revenue. Company also plans to invest 10 million euros (US $10.64 million) in Malaysia wood manufacture of LED components for the new factory.


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