HAICHANG OPTOTECH is one of the leading LED lighting and LED display manufacturers and exporters in China. We started our business since 2008. We own over 12,000 square meters factory in Shenzhen, China with over 200 skilled workers and the factory is under ISO9001 certified management. We’ve accumulated a lot of LED lighting manufacturing experiences during past few years. We are keeping innovating and improving in every possible aspect. Most importantly, we stand firmly behind the LED products we supply and we cherish the partnership with our customers.

How to order samples from HAICHANG OPTOTECH?

The way to process sample order is: we will issue Proforma Invoice (P/I) immediately after receiving buyer’s order request, buyer confirm that all the details on the P/I are correct, then pay according to the payment term on the P/I, then we will send out samples in 5-7 days after we received payment.

Does HAICHANG OPTOTECH accept small order?

Yes, HAICHANG OPTOTECH accept small orders.

What is HAICHANG OPTOTECH’s free sample policy

New customers have to buy sample. However, we do provide some free samples for some old customers.


For small order (less than US$1000) or sample order, please pay us via Papal or Western Union. If pay via Papal, customer needs to shoulder the 4% handling fee charged by Papal. For large orders, we would like to recommend T/T: 30% as deposit, 70% balance before shipment. Please send us the bank slip once the payment is done, so we can track the money and arrange production to save time.

Is it safe to buy LED light from HAICHANG OPTOTECH?

HAICHANG OPTOTECH has been existing in LED market since 2008 with numerous customers in Europe, North America, etc.. Our company was legally registered in Hong Kong in July 7th, 2008 under HK company law. All our products have minimum 2 years warranty.

Lead time?

Lead time for large orders (volume orders) is 15-20 days after receiving deposit; lead time for sample orders is 5-7 days after we received full payment.

How long can I get samples?

Usually buyers will receive samples in 7-10 days (5-7 days for production, 4 days to ship the samples by UPS/DHL/FedEx/EMS)

Does HAICHANG OPTOTECH accept OEM orders?

Yes. We have over 5 years OEM experience in LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED down lights, LED strips, etc..

How to ship your order?

Usually we ship small order by international courier such as DHL/FedEx/UPS/China EMS. Usually we ship large orders by sea or air cargo. Usually, the ocean shipment will spend more days than by air. We will check against our own forwarder and quote the cheapest shipping cost to customer for them to check and compare against their forwarder, then customer will decide which forwarder to go. The customs clearance paperwork and procedures will be handled by the forwarder. Haichang Optotech will do the best to assist the forwarder.

How to track your order during shipment?

For small order shipped by international courier (UPS/DHL/FedEx/EMS), HAICHANG OPTOTECH will send you tracking No. after samples went out, you can check the order status on courier’s website. For Large orders shipped by sea, you can check with the shipping forwarder.

Warranty Policy

1. This warranty policy is valid for all LED lighting products manufactured by HAICHANG OPTOTECH CO., LIMITED (“HAICHANG OPTOTECH” in short).

2. HAICHANG OPTOTECH product has a 2~5 years warranty (varies between different sorts of products) from the date of shipment from HAICHANG OPTOTECH factory, product failure within this period caused by defective material and/or workmanship will be automatically repaired or replaced free of charge to the customer. The customer is requested to provide necessary information and evidences (photo, video, condition of use, etc.) to prove that the product is defective due to defective material or workmanship, otherwise, the customer is requested to send the defective product back to HAICHANG OPTOTECH. After got the evidences or returned product from the customer, HAICHANG OPTOTECH shall carry out correspondent testing/evaluation over the claimed product within 2 working days. If the product is proved to be defective due to material or workmanship, we shall automatically repair or replace the defective product free of charge immediately.

3. Normal degradation of LED light output over time is excluded from warranty claims.

4. Package loss, breakage or product damage during shipment is excluded from warranty claims. Therefore, we recommend our customers to buy related shipping insurance to cover such possible
loss, breakage or damage during shipment.

5. Damage of the products due to inappropriate or negligent handling is excluded from warranty claims.

6. Freight, handling, insurance charges for sending defective products back to HAICHANG OPTOTECH shall be paid by the customer, while freight, handling, insurance charges for sending the repaired/replaced product back to customer will be paid by HAICHANG OPTOTECH. The customer needs to confirm with HAICHANG OPTOTECH before ship the defective product back. Also, the customer needs to prepare corresponding documents requested by HAICHANG OPTOTECH (such as Invoice, Packing list, etc.) for China custom clear use. HAICHANG OPTOTECH has the right to reject any unconfirmed product-return.