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The weatherproof LED flood lights emit strong warm white or daylight light with wide beam angle. They are designed for outdoor landscape lighting, general area illumination and indoor stage lighting. Haichang manufacture a wide variety of LED Flood lights with different styles, structures, wattages and brightness.
Housed by aluminum alloy with glass lens, Slim LED Flood Lights from 10W to 300W are normally used for outdoor landscaping areas such as tree lighting.
The Super Bright High Power LED Flood Lights are suitable for commercial and residential use. The power ranges from 100 watts to 500 watts.
The Modular LED Flood lights consists of hot-pluggable LED engines for easy onsite maintenance. Various powers and intensities can be easily achieved by using different number of LED engine modules. With integral heat sinking design, these modular LED high floodlights are able to work in hot and harsh environment like chemical factories and docks.