LED industrial climate get warming, Everlight business will have big growth in 2017


LED grain in short supply, offer call, plus a few days ago, Apple through a panel of induction technology patents, the use of LED (Micro LED) sensor in fingerprint recognition on the touch screen, LED prices set off a high tide in the near future. Li Duopin to step down was buying LED stocks for two consecutive days to stand, Crystal 17th rose 26. 45 Yuan NT 18th rose more than 6% million light, Dombey 17th at one point rose more than 5% and 4%.

According to CNET News reports, continental LED sanan optoelectronics manufacturers have taken the lead in 8%,LED industry is expected to raise some products price the cost increases circulate prices, other manufacturers said they would further the market before deciding on the price or not.

Billion light Chairman Ye Yinfu said in January, when interviewed, 2017 LED industrial development more in 2016, Everlight trading organic will see double-digit growth. Due to the lighting products have been very popular, related requirements and application will increase, such as the Internet of things (IoT), automatic driving, automatic identification system, LED (Micro LED). LED rise, Ye Yinfu think part represents recovery, another part is low cost bad for firms themselves.


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