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Since year 2008, Haichang has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of 12v and 24v low voltage LED flexible strips, LED tapes and LED ribbons. Using Epistar 2835/5050/3528/5630/3014/5730 SMD LED as light source which has passed LMP79 test, Haichang LED flexible strips are super bright and very durable with high color rendering (CRI available with 70, 80 and 95+). We supply the led strips in one bin with up to 2 SDCM MacAdam to make sure color consistency. Full color temperature available for choices with both waterproof and Non-waterproof series for indoor and outdoor applications. By wiring to related dimming drivers and controllers, these LED strips are dimmable with DALI, 0~10V and DMX protocol. Compared to traditional lighting such as neon lighting, these LED strip lights have extremely low power consumption with energy saving of up to 90%. Benefitting from LED’s extremely long lifetime of over 50,000 hours, almost no maintenance required after installation. The led strips are compliant with CE & RoHS standard with 3 years warranty. See what to consider when buy LED Strip Lights

Various types of Waterproof LED flexible strips with different surface treatment and IP protection:

1. Double side Drop glued and overall covered by silicone tube, IP68: Industry leading best protection, most durable for outdoor use, able to work in water for long time.
2. Silicone extrusion, integrated forming, IP67. Better protection than silicone tube IP67 led strips, more stable, higher efficiency, no visible color deviation
3. Silicone Tube covered, without drop glue, IP67: better light transmission, less color deviation
4. Drop glue at front side with 3M adhesive tape at back side, IP65, without tube cover