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Since year 2008, Haichang has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of 12v/24v LED flexible strips (LED tapes, LED ribbons), side-emitting LED strips and LED strips with flow or scan effect. Using Epistar 3528, 5050 and 2835 SMD LED as light source, the LED flexible strips are available with full color temperature with both waterproof series and Non-waterproof series for indoor and outdoor applications. By connecting to dimming drivers and controllers, these LED strips can be DALI dimmable, 0~10V dimmable and also DMX dimmable. Compared to traditional lighting such as neon lighting, all our LED strip lights have an extremely low power consumption and an energy saving of up to 90% -great saving on electricity costs. Benefitting from the LED’s extremely long lifetime of normally 50,000 hours or 5 years, almost no maintenance required after installation. Compliant with CE & RoHS standard. Two-year warranty.

We supply three types of Waterproof LED flexible strips distinguished by different surface treatment and different IP degree:
1. Double side glued LED strips: with glue (epoxy) filled inside and covered by transparent tubes outside. This is the best waterproof strips. It works perfectly even completely placed in water for long time. IP68
2. Tube covered LED strips, without glue filled, IP67
3. Single side glued LED strips with 3M adhesive tape on one side, without tube cover, IP65