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The high quality Solar Powered LED Paver lights apply the best stainless steel housing material and latest LED Technology with white or colorful lights. Unlike other normal ground lamps, the solar energy is stored in the built-in Super Capacitor instead of Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd battery. No wiring, maintenance free. No jobs to replace battery. These innovative LED roadway lights are IP67 waterproof, 100% solar powered, cost effective, eco-friendly and at least 5-10 years long life. They are designed for outdoor landscape lighting and accent lighting such as home gardens, pathways, paver ways, parks, plazas, squares and so on.

Advantages of Solar LED Paver lights than battery solar lights

1.  Charge faster than other solar battery lights. They can fully replenish in around 4 hours of direct sunlight, much chorter than 5-7 hours taken by Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, or LiFePO4 battery.
2.  Through use of Super capacitor, these solar powered LED lights are almost endless in the number of charges and discharge cycle (100,000 cycles or 270 years). They are expected to last anywhere 5-10 years before completely dim. The lithium-ion battery, on the contrary, will be either replaced or disposed.
3.  100% sealed in stainless steel, IP68 waterproof and weatherproof. Able to bear up to 25 tons heavy weight.
4.  Work during -20℃ to 60℃ harsh conditions
5.  No wiring, maintenance free