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Haichang Aluminum LED Profiles (LED Strip Channels) are designed to house LED Tape and ribbon, add strong protection to the LED strips and control the projection of LED light precisely. The Aluminum channel for led strips also provide better heat sinking for LED strip lights, enable the LED strips to run at lower temperature and last longer. Mounting LED strip into Aluminium channel gives a more beautiful and linear appearance.

All of Haichang LED Aluminium Profiles are supplied complete with PMMA/PC Opal/clear diffusers, end caps and mounting clips. The diffuser spreads the light from the LED strips. It reduces the feeling of dazzling, giving the light a more linear look. The diffuser cover also provide a well diffused light comparable to neon effect. End Caps fully encloses the profile and direct the wiring to the strip. Mounting clip (bracket) makes the installation easy and solid.

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Haichang supply many types of Anodized Aluminum extrusion LED Profiles and LED Strip Channels, including Recessed LED Profiles, Corner LED Profiles, Dome LED Profiles, Round LED Profiles, Floor LED Profiles, Satirs LED Profiles and so on. These profiles fit most popular types of Flexible LED strips, including 2835/3528/5050/5630 LED strips with PCB width of 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, etc.. There are 1 metre, 2 metre and 2.5 metre lengths as standard, while all of our LED Profiles for LED flexible strips can be cut by hacksaw to customized length as required or can be cut at 45 degree angles for installing into corners.

The Aluminum LED Profiles, together with LED strips inside, are created for under cabinet lighting, facade LED lighting, contour LED lighting, linear wall, recessed wall, floor and ceiling lighting for architectural, retail and home projects, light up your kitchen, living room, patio, bedroom, closet and so on with brilliant light effect.