Focus on Wuzhen – Light of wisdom in the lamp shadow and oar sound

lighting inwuzhen
The unique exhibition center LED lighting design, beautiful night light and smart LED landscape light reflect wisdom of the Smart city Wuzhen. To welcome the opening of the 4th World Internet Conference, lots of energy saving LED floodlight, wall washers together with LED garden lights and lawn light are installed in the architecture and along the river.
A lot of people’s circle of friends must have been December 3 opening of the World Internet Conference set a screen. As the highest-profile internet summit in China (probably not one), Wuzhen’s World Internet Conference has opened its fourth year this year.
4th World Internet Conference 2017
Wuzhen town, a Jiangnan Water Village dreamed of by so many people. Today, the light of the Internet shines into the ancient city. With Wuzhen becoming the permanent venue of the World Internet Conference, the town attracts more and more attention. The classical faces of the Millennium Township are symbiosis with the modern Internet atmosphere more and more “dignified atmosphere.”
led lighting in wuzhen 1
Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center lighting features
Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center
Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center led by the famous architect Mr. Wang Shu design. It is located in the northwestern part of Wuzhen Xizha scenic area, the entire center construction area of 81,000 square meters, of which 4000 square meters of the main venue can accommodate 3,000 guests participating, and more than 10 large and small venues for holding the Internet Conference sub-forum. Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center is not only the main venue for the future World Internet Conference, but also the main venue for meeting and exhibition in Wuzhen in the future.
During the day, Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center is standing in the forefront of the Internet leader; night, she became the star of the vast galaxy Lingyun shining, bright and dazzling.
 Night Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center
Overall, the brightness of Wuzhen at night is not high, mainly to the surface light; light color combination of warm and cold, but to warm the majority. In order to give a good visual enjoyment in the night, the design team takes the human perspective as the main line, and arranges and controls the light. Integrated Wuzhen history and culture of the Internet and the contemporary development of the status quo, Wuzhen Internet Exhibition Center in various regions of the lighting design followed four major concepts: cornices Juxing, Qionglou Yu Pavilion, Jiangnan Water Village, the Internet world.
The lighting design of this project was completed by Zhejiang Urban Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. Laoldedi also plays a very important role in the lighting project of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center.
Conference Center
In order to show the vitality and vitality of the conference center’s “tranquil living”, the tile-roofed eaves of the convention center adopt the warm white 12W 2700K color temperature LED low-power line light, which allows the light to penetrate from the inside to create an elegant and gentle Color and mood.
 LED low-power linear lights fixed on tile Ying eaves
LED low-power line lights fixed on tile Ying eaves
As for the convention center tile wooden eaves, the designers use the structure of the daughter wall to hide their own structure, the use of bracket installation, the high brightness amber LED wall washer fixed to the wall at the top of the daughter, making the light from the building interior Reflects the natural glow
Cube LED floodlight installed at the convention center
The cornice beam at the convention center was fitted with the LOLDRIDES Rubik’s Cube LED floodlight and the glare-proof glare was added to all floodlights. The use of the lamp, in addition to creating a combination of actual situation, dim atmosphere, making the beam beam like a beam of static and dynamic, hidden vitality and vitality.
The conference center will use light to dripping exquisite, a virtual reality, dimness, light and shade, showing a kind of elegant, soft and quiet sense of space.
Exhibition Center
exhibition center in wuzhen
The design of the exhibition center emphasizes the point of interest, fully demonstrating the simplicity of the eastern style. In dealing with the relationship between the entrance of the exhibition center and the surrounding environment, Buried installation was adopted to embed the LED module floodlight at the entrance to make the light radiate naturally from the foot, naturally creating the sense of depth of the center.
The exhibition center is composed of 51,000 steel cables, lighting design team hopes to achieve “light from the inside” of the silhouette of the effect, Wuzhen qualities will be presented. After a large number of on-site test lights, the final choice of 15W 2700K color temperature LED lighting, the exhibition center to reach the subtle and elegant lighting effects; designers are also installed in the metal curtain wall light box so that the uniform distribution of warm white light, Simple and elegant.
 Light box design at reception center
Light box design at reception center
 reception center in wuzhen
Reception center is Wuzhen’s living room, but also to connect the world’s “entrance.” In order to create a people-friendly scale and texture in a solemn atmosphere, it is visually integrated into the environment. The lighting design of the conference center is mainly indirect lighting. Almost all of the lamps and lanterns are embedded in the veil and the ground, A warm and harmonious feeling of people.
In order to demonstrate the functionality of the reception center, the entire center has a higher level of lighting than the convention center and exhibition center, giving visitors a clear indication of the entrance to the reception center from this entrance.
 Waterfront corridors
Waterfront corridors
Waterfront Corridor is interspersed with the main activities of the space between the buildings, but also portrayal of ink Jiangnan. In order to make the waterfront Corridor better highlight the town of Wuzhen features, lighting designers using a custom 2200K tile light and LED low power linear lights, light and shade gradient, showing a kind of ink elegant, soft and quiet Sense of space.
 Small green tile with led linear light
Small green tile is one of the characteristics of the Convention and Exhibition Center. The Lattice team worked closely with the lighting design team to measure the size of the tiles and specially tailored the tile lights and went to the scene to test the lights time and time again. This light can be directly stuck in the tile surface, smaller, and the same color with the young, so during the day is not easy to be found.
Small green tile with led linear light1
Quiet path of office
Into the water village style, natural and ultimately the presence of plants, lighting design in this region, focusing on some of the trees and shrubs with night, and the environment in the park, squares, rest kiosks and other elements to do some supplements to light Stopped tourists a chance to relax.
 LED garden lights and lawn light
The rational use of LED garden lights and lawn light, simple but not simple, and heavy optical design, creating a comfortable and elegant feeling, full of physical and mental stretch.
Wuzhen smart town smart wisdom lamp energy-saving rate of 20%
Wuzhen is relying on high-tech transformation into a “smart town”, more and more scenery and things began to show the wisdom of the Internet. For example, gesture-enabled smart trash, can detect their own inclination of the manhole cover, and for example came to Wuzhen homeopathic more than 130 wisdom landscape lights.
When the night falls Wuzhen, town night road and Hongqiao Road more than 200 trees will be the second light. In fact, shiny is the LED lights wrapped around the tree, showing a beautiful view of the firefly silver flower.
led stree light and tree decoration
These lights come in very timely and natural way, driving behind them rather than manually pulling one of the gates, but a precisely calculated Internet command. “Previous street lights and landscape lights have to manually set the time, and the color of a single, and even damaged some of the lights, the field inspection is difficult to find and now open the APP, ready to switch, adjust the brightness, color change, etc. Function, the overall also achieved energy-saving emission reduction. “Street lighting maintenance staff introduced.
It is reported that the realization of landscape lights convenient management from China Telecom NB-IoT technology. The original, Wuzhen landscape lamp set after China Telecom’s transformation, the installation of the Internet of Things chips, remote faults can be achieved through mobile phones, including current alarm control, including the convenient management. It is worth mentioning that the intelligent landscape lamp according to the latitude and longitude of Wuzhen, can calculate the sunrise and sunset throughout the year, with the light custom automatic switching lights strategy, while lighting the night at the same time saving energy and improve Wuzhen green lighting energy saving Row of space. According to statistics, intelligent LED landscape lights put into use, the energy-saving rate of about 20%.
LED intelligent landscape lights
                           “Drunk beauty” stunning night view of the world
In the beginning of the Chinese lantern, the restaurant was kicked off by the dinner party of the big guys who relished their talk.
Dong Xing Dinner party involved with CEOs
Dong Xing Dinner party involved with CEOs
 medias and visitors
Medias and visitors
Outside the restaurant, Wuzhen night lights lit. Lights along the banks of the Xishe River, the entire Wuzhen dotted colorful.
 led light along river
  A boat in the river of Wuzhen
Walk in the night riverbank, bridges, weeping willows, tree shadow whirling. Bozhou boat to the late sound of paddle sound, Wuzhen beauty as the open picture, ancient rhyme.
  led light along night riverbank1
led light along night riverbank2
led light along night riverbank3
Lighting is also unpleasant Wuzhen made night as the day, but the choice of warm white lighting to ensure lighting at the same time to reconcile a “wait for the lights when the” harmonious scene.
 led light along night riverbank4
led light in tower and bridge
led light along night riverbank5
 Wuzhen night scene is very beautiful
Wuzhen is a delicate warmth, Fenqiangdaiwa, bridges. When the star light face, meditation at the water’s edge, listen to insects and birds, body and mind leisurely, but also self-contained elegant gentleman.
 led lattern light in wuzhen
Dec. 8, 2017

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