Haichang lauched newly rebuilt website

led strip for residential lighting

After over four months hard working, Haichang Optotech has just lauched newly rebuilt website with new looks and many new LED lighting products.


How to build LED lighting website:

1. The purpose of the construction of LED lighting website should be clear.
Early construction companies were built to build websites. Because other businesses have websites, because their business partners have websites. These are the early companies in the LED lighting industry, and they were very invested in that in that era.
What is the purpose of the construction of modern LED lighting website?
It has to be clear: the purpose of website construction is for users to visit. In addition to access, still visit!
Sites that are out of user access are worthless. Of course, the “access” mentioned here means the effective access, which is the valuable access, not the non-associative garbage access.
2. Design ideas of LED lighting website construction
LED lighting companies do not understand the Internet is still a large proportion. What is a website that is suitable for LED lighting companies? The question is puzzling. Since the purpose of the site is to visit, it is necessary to design ideas from the point of view of the user, rather than just to see if the page is beautiful and elegant. It is very important to analyze the behaviors and habits of visiting users abroad to suit their own industry characteristics.
Establish common site is easy, to set up a good web site is not a simple (don’t talk to me about page of beautiful, beautiful degree of the page in the website construction factors to consider only in the last place).
3. Promotion of LED lighting enterprise website
Again, the purpose of the LED lighting website is to visit. So, where does the visit come from?
The vast majority of web sites currently don’t know exactly where to visit, or just guess. From the exhibition? Advertisement promotion from industry site? From search engines? Or from the…
Based on these questions, it is obvious that the method can be used as a promotion mode.
It is important to note that “if you lose the Internet, you may lose half of the market”. While not necessarily valid for all products or industries, it is true that more and more companies are living on the Internet.
The search engine is a promotion channel that must be heavily used. There is a deep knowledge here, which provides some data for you:
at present, the usage rate of all major search engines in China is about: BaiDu is 45%, YAHOO is 20%, GuGe is 35%, and everyone else reduces their own.
search engine search results the number of clicks on the first and right ads on the left is about 10:1 (this is my own statistics)
the number of clicks on the first and second pages of the search engine is about 100:1
4. Visit tracking analysis of LED lighting enterprise website
By using the statistical system for their own professional access road site for long-term tracking and analysis, this is very important, only in this way, to the site have a clear understanding of the current situation. Without access analysis, enterprises become blind people, do not know what promotion is right, what promotion to oneself help big, also do not have the further to improve and upgrade the site.
5. Beautiful design of LED lighting enterprise website
To see to the foreigner, LED lighting website do not show yourself, access to Europe and the United States used to build your website, your website is used to display products and company, suggest not too loud, should give priority to with concise \ sedate, tonal is fundamental key with white, blue, and of course also varies according to the product.
The most important point of the 6 LED lighting website
In view of the main customer group choose good place site space, for the habit of European and American customers, after 3 seconds to open the website, customers in Europe and the United States is not interested, time is money, if your customer group is given priority to with the European and American countries, suggest putting your website in the United States, the United States as a global network of the most developed countries, put the space in the United States is engaged in LED lighting, if your customer group of Asia it is recommended that you put the website in Hong Kong, Hong Kong as Asia’s international exports, fastest in Asia.

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