TOP News in 2017 Lighting Industry

TOP News in Lighting Industry in 2017
The year 2017 witnessed a dramatic and rational lighting industry transformation. During this year, many earth-shattering events took place. Some events caused an uproar, some were destined to be included in the annals of the industry, and some The incident is reasonable, but some unexpected. Through the inventory, let us review from January 1, 2017 lighting events this year, a major event.
    On the first day of 2017, Sanan Optoelectronics made the “price rise order”
    From the second half of 2016, the prices of raw materials and finished goods in the intermediate industry skyrocketed, affecting the LED lighting industry. On the first day of construction in 2017, LED chip leader San’an Optoelectronics announced a price-notifying letter to the downstream, with some of its products up by 8%. This is following the August 25, 2016 will be part of the price of small and medium sized products, after the price of 10% float, the San’an Optoelectronics once again came LED chip prices. In addition, Huacan Optoelectronics, Mulinsen, Kamei Lighting, NVC Lighting, Guanghua Lighting, etc. also carried out some of the product price adjustment, the industry set off a massive wave of price increases.
    Xiamen’s richest man, Lin Xiucheng spend huge sums of money to personally reveal their mysterious “plant factory”
    In June 2016, the first Zhong’an San’an plant was put into operation. The plant area of nearly 10,000 square meters is the largest in the world. In January, because of a live webcast, Zhong An Sanan Plant, a vegetable garden, encountered a strong crowd of netizens. It is reported that the vegetable plant output of vegetables, has been sold to Xiamen, Quanzhou and some other high-end supermarkets. Into the photobiological industry, Xiamen’s richest man Lin Xiucheng not just want to grow vegetables, “behind this is a huge industry.Also seed breeding can cultivate valuable Chinese herbal medicine production, endangered plants, you can also use plant extraction technology, production Health care products. “
    Matsushita vegetables expensive where? Microorganism expert Zheng Wei for you to analyze “Panasonic safe vegetables”
    According to sources, the Matsushita Panasonic brand in Suzhou Matsushita plant in February AEON AEON supermarket market in Suzhou. From the packaging point of view, the price of Matsushita vegetables are mainly divided into two types: 4-in-1 vegetables 24.8 yuan, 3-in-1 vegetables 18.8 yuan. As “aristocratic vegetables”, this sales can be said that the plant plant vegetables to the public a sales test. The news is a great boost to those who are engaged in plant production and research, and are still watching the plant factories.
    500 million! Landwirt sale case knocked hammer finally settled!
    March 5, 2017, Mu Linsen announced that the company invested in a partnership of harmony Mingxin core Mingxin photoelectric and LEDVANCE GmbH former shareholder OSRAM GmbH, LEDVANCE LLC former shareholders OSRAM SYLVANIA INC. Completed the transaction delivery of equity. At this point, Mingxin Optoelectronics holds a 100% stake in LEDVANCE, the successful completion of this overseas equity acquisition transaction. OSRAM will be its general lighting business Landwirt for 400 million euros sold to the overall Lin Mu Sen bidding body of the transaction initially completed. The industry believes that the acquisition of a world-class brand, sales channels and advanced technology to China, is expected to promote industrial technology structural and systematic changes.
    Three male aurora hit the bell today is a milestone is also a new starting point!
    March 17, “Three Aurora,” an official landing GEM stocks. In fact, 2017 can be said that the lighting industry in the market year, except for Sanxiong Aurora, the state lighting, Poly Can photoelectric, overclocking three, too Long lighting, Huadian technology, Huarong shares, Guangpu shares, morning Feng Technology Also successfully listed, toward the capital market. At the same time, there are also a number of lighting companies that have passed the IPO and are under review. Listing has become the new trend in the industry. Guards! The two LED companies listed simultaneously at the same time!
    In 2016 the world’s major LED packaging plant revenue ranking
    According to statistics, in 2016 the world’s major LED packaging plant revenue, Nichia still sit tight in the first place, its optical semiconductor business revenues of 2.42 billion US dollars, ranking second in the industry 2.5 times. Revenue ranked second, three, four, five billion Everbright, Seoul Semiconductor, Molinsen, Osram Semiconductor Division. If we compare the growth rates of revenue in 2016 and 2015, we find that Luchang Molinsen and Hongli Zhihui are the most significant growth rates of 42.2% and 40.4% respectively.
    No strobe lamp is a good lamp?
    Now talk about buying a lamp, we are concerned about the first question is: a flash it? Of course, this should be attributed to this year’s 315 strong CCTV, so that people have realized the stroboscopic light damage to the eyes. It is worth mentioning that, 315 party also let netizens have learned a trick – cell phone camera test LED lights strobe. However, this method is not scientific. The handset is not specifically designed for stroboscopic testing. Each handset manufacturer uses a different camera sampling rate and image processing program, while testing strobes requires a certain sample rate and bandwidth for the device. Therefore, the use of mobile phone camera to evaluate the LED strobe and LED product quality is not desirable, or use a dedicated stroboscope for testing light strobe better.
    Complete transformation, Kingsun intends to divest semiconductor lighting business
    On ground shares on May 24 announcement, to further promote and improve the layout of the education industry, the company intends to one of the main business of semiconductor lighting business divestiture. Qin shares was originally a LED lighting business. Due to the fierce competition in the semiconductor lighting industry in recent years, in order to explore new performance growth points, the Company acquired 100% equity of Longwen Education in 2016 and entered the education industry. After the implementation of “LED + Education” dual main business model, and later announced a number of educational assets mergers and acquisitions program. Citing the words of an expert in the industry, Professor Tang Guoqing, “After its shift to investment in education, its success has been no longer brighter whether this is a warning: the main business of starting a home can not be loosened, and the input and output of the education industry is a hundred-year plan.”
    June 9 news, GE lighting CEO Bill Lacey the day before GE Lighting employees to send an internal e-mail, announced the sale of GE Lighting news, from now on and formally started discussions with potential buyers to sell GE lighting business. Bill Lacey stressed that the negotiations are still in an early stage, GE Lighting “can consider several strategic options.” For example, it could sell different divisions of GE Lighting to different buyers. He said there will not be any definitive answer now. In November, GE’s new chief executive, John Flannery, announced that GE will undergo a massive reorganization and now focuses on three major businesses – electricity, aerospace and medical.
    The Minamata Convention on Mercury entered into force in August
    Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on July 20 that the “Minamata Convention on Mercury” will enter into force on August 16, 2017. Starting from 2021, China will phase out the production of mercury-containing batteries and fluorescent lamps as required by the Minamata Convention on Mercury and use. This does not meet the requirements of fluorescent products will no longer allow the production and use. At present, China’s relevant national standards and industry standards for the mercury content of fluorescent lamps can meet the requirements of the mercury content of the above products, so most of the fluorescent products are exempted, that is, in line with the requirements of the fluorescent After 2020, it will still be able to produce, import and export.
    Counting: lighting engineering company gains large single strong PK
    With the promotion of various policies and the promotion of urban lighting planning in various places, the current popularity of landscape lighting projects is still on the rise. The bidding for the projects is on a continuous scale. Companies such as Riad, Alto Electronics, Famous Exchange, Wuxi Lighting and others continue to take large orders, reflecting the good market prospect of lighting engineering and the improvement of lighting engineering enterprises from the side. In 2016, the market scale of China landscape lighting reached 55.8 billion yuan. It is estimated that the market scale of China landscape lighting market will reach 67.8 billion yuan by 2017, an increase rate of 21.5%. China has become the largest landscape lighting market in the world. Experts said that in the next five years or even eight years, it will be a splendid period of “creating value with light”.
    Recent lighting industry five hot words: the state electrical appliances, prices, landscape lighting … … what happened in the past period of time?
    On August 2, some media reported that the state of Guangdong was suspected of export tax fraud and the factory was closed for suspension of production. Afterwards, several media outlets broke the article in Guangdong that caused the accident and triggered controversy in the public opinion. After the news that the state of Guangdong Electric is indeed in the suspense to rectify, suspend production, Shunde Huaqiang all the normal operation of the state. Many industry professionals analyzed the main reasons for the discontinuation of business in the state. Some said that the lighting industry was fiercely competitive and had problems with the process of transition. Others said that it was caused by the serious lack of proper operation and management of the state.
    Guangdong Gan 688 million listed transfer Deli photovoltaic or will officially give up the LED business
    Dragged down by the performance of subsidiaries, Guangdong, Gannan obvious signs of under pressure. In order to reverse the decline in performance, the Company established the equity transfer of the subsidiary to be publicly listed in September in the direction of the transformation of big health. Since September 30, Guangdong Ganhua respectively 687 million yuan, 500 million yuan, 400 million yuan as the starting price in the public listing of the transfer of 100% stake in Deli Power and the company to enjoy its 232 million yuan claims, down three times The transfer price, have not solicited the intended transferee, has finally ushered in the plate recently. December 20, Guangdong Ganhua issued a notice that the German Power 100% stake and the transfer of creditor’s rights of the transferee is Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd., the transaction price of 300 million yuan, Delixi Department of Guangdong Gan The controlling shareholder of a wholly owned subsidiary.
    confirmed! Siemens announced that 9.4 billion sale of Osram 17.34% stake
    Siemens announced on October 4 that it decided to sell 17.34% of Osram’s shares to end the relationship over the years. Siemens holds 18,155 shares of Osram shares, according to Reuters reports, will be sold at 65.05 euros per share for a total price of about 1.2 billion euros (equivalent to about 9.4 billion yuan). Siemens said the proceeds from the sale will be used for general corporate purposes and will only retain a handful of Osram shares after the above shareholdings are released, which are the attached corporate bonds due 2019.
    The total market value of more than one hundred billion San’an Optoelectronics is how to do it?
    With the bullish performance, the overall market value of San’an even more soar. As of October 27 closing, Sanan Optoelectronics market capitalization of 102.368 billion yuan, breaking the 100 billion yuan mark, ranked the first in the semiconductor market, A shares of semiconductor lighting market value. Sanan Optoelectronics is a leader in LED chips. After years of intensive investment in equipment and R & D, its chip production and sales scale and production capacity rank first in the country with gross profit margin significantly superior to other peers in the industry. The company has advantages in terms of scale, technology and cost and has become the biggest beneficiary of the concentration enhancement of the LED industry.
    ITC official on the United States LED lighting and power to start “337 survey”
    On November 3, the ITC voted to launch Section 337 Investigation of LED Lighting Equipment, LED Power Supply and Components Thereof (No. 337-TA-1081). The investigation involved LED lighting devices (such as lighting and bulbs using LEDs as light sources) and their components, LED power supplies, reflectors and optics. The essence of the “337 Investigation” is a means of market competition. Some experts say that it is even a way for the United States to crowd out its competitors. “Reviewing the” Section 337 Survey, “an important basis for any response is to have adequate intellectual property rights, and Chinese enterprises should attach greater importance to intellectual property rights, build their own intellectual property foundation, and lay out overseas with good intellectual property.
    Rumors that energy-saving lamps may cause cancer experts: nonsense
    An article on cancer-causing lamps led to the collective industry collective rumor, experts have said that the statement is pure nonsense. The mercury content of qualified energy-saving lamps is very small. At present, the mercury standard for energy-saving lamps in our country is at the forefront of the world. Products requiring energy-saving lamps of less than 30W for household use require no more than 2.5mg of mercury. During normal use, Cause harm. In addition, energy-saving lamps will not produce large amounts of UV radiation, and energy-saving lamps are used soft glass, UV is difficult to come out.

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