High power Modular LED Flood lights 40W-360W Aluminum housing IP68 Philips Lumileds LED module Outdoor wall lighting

Modular LED Flood lights 40W-360W IP68

Short Description

name: Modular LED Flood lights 40W-360W IP68
Model: HC-FL-TF2C-5

High power Modular LED Flood lights 40W - 360W with IP68 protection adopt Aluminum alloy housing and Philips Lumileds LED module. It's designed for Landscape lighting and Outdoor wall lighting.


The High power Modular series LED Flood lights adopt Modular design and Aluminum alloy housing with IP68 protection which enable excellent resistance to corrosion. The anti-glare lighting design with Ergonomic lighting distribution makes sure uniform illuminating effect.

Landscape lighting, stage lighting, billboard lighting, outdoor wall lighting, indoor part lighting, greening commercial lighting, facade and building lighting, parking lot lighting, factory lighting, area lighting, storage lighting and so on. Typically it is used to light buildings, trees, lawn, supermarket, sculptures, symbols, gymnasiums, squares, advertisement board, parking lots, factories, docks, etc..

Philips-Lumileds LEDs. Flip chip technology, single unit’s damage won't affect others' normal work
Modular design, hot-pluggable technology, easy onsite maintenance and replacement
Whole structure cooling technology 
IP68 Optical LED Engine (LED Module), Double-coupling, highest waterproof level
Adjustable range ±360 Degree
Wide power range: 30W~360W
Lumen maintenance of L70 at 50,000 hours, significantly reduce maintenance cost
Multiple light distribution available
Free modular serialization, various power solutions
Die-cast Aluminum housing
Multiple housing colors: black, white, grey, blue
Inventronics/MOSO LED driver (Meanwell driver available upon request)
5 years warranty

Special Technical Advantages:

Honeycomb Briquette lighting effect
It simulates and adopts the burning principle of honeycomb briquette; it is easy to transform the original block of radiator to various modules, as well as to enable air to convect and fully pass through the gaps between modules by utilizing the honeycomb effect, thus to remove the heat rapidly, and reduce temperature by around 20 ℃.

Integral Heat dissipation                                                                                               
It makes clever use of module bracket that only play a supporting role, and to transform it to a “thermal bracket” that is capable of conducting the module’s heat to the light shell as a structural part, thus to enhance cooling effect of radiator of cooling module. The design aims to fully utilize the surface area of structural parts to transfer heat to air.

Tool-free maintenance
Using special structural design to enable manual disassembly and installation of lighting components, convenient and safe.

Double-coupling IP68 protection
It adopts the screw-free structure to avoid the penetration of water vapor through the screw hole; its double silicon-rubber rings insulate LEDs with the outside environment completely, thus to eliminate the possibility of any erosion to chips and PCB boards from outside.

High-efficacy LED Light source
It adopts Lumileds LUXEON T LED source with super efficacy and light output from a compact source. Optimized for efficacy driven applications with typical Vf: 2.7V and low thermal resistance: 3K/W. Specified, targeted and tested hot, at real world operating temperatures, Tj=85℃ to ensure in- application performance.

Free Serialization                                                           
It is available to freely equip with different numbers of modules to achieve different power according to the needs.

Electrical, Photometric and Environmental Specification

Input Voltage: AC100-277V, 50HZ, THD<20%
Standard color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
Surge Protection: 10KV
Storage Temperature: -40℃~+50℃
Working Environment: -40℃~+50℃, 10%~90%RH
Model Driving  Current              (mA)  Power (W) Luminous Efficacy
PF Power Efficiency Beam Angle LED Brand  CRI
HC-FL-TF2C-1 700 40 110±5 4400±200 0.95 89% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70
860 50 105±5 5250±250
1050 60 100±5 6000±300
HC-FL-TF2C-2 700 80 110±5 8800±400 0.95 91% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70
860 100 105±5 10500±500
1050 120 100±5 12000±600
HC-FL-TF2C-3 700 120 110±5 13200±600 0.95 91% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70
860 150 105±5 15750±750
1050 180 100±5 18000±900
HC-FL-TF2C-4 700 160 110±5 17600±800 0.95 91% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70
860 200 105±5 21000±1000
1050 240 100±5 24000±1200
HC-FL-TF2C-5 700 200 110±5 22000±1000 0.95 91% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70
860 250 105±5 26250±1250
1050 300 100±5 30000±1500
HC-FL-TF2C-6 700 240 110±5 26400±1200 0.95 91% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70
860 300 105±5 31500±1500
1050 360 100±5 36000±1800
HC-FL-TF2C-7 700 280 110±5 30800±1400 0.95 91% 12°, 25°, 40°, 60°,
110°, 110°x40°
Lumileds Luxeon T >70

Lighting Distribution



Step 1: Mount the light to the wall with screws at the mounting holes on the bracket;
Step 2: Connect the wires to the AC wires. (The earth wire should be reliable and linked to the ground);
Step 3: Adjust the angle of the bracket.


Driver & Electrical Parts

LED Module

Connectors Operation Guide

Spin the male terminal clockwise. When the male indicatrix points between indicatrix female #2 and #3, and the gap between male and female terminals is extremely small, the connectors are well connected; otherwise, there will be risks in its waterproof performance. When the gap between male and female terminals is extremely small, if any looseness can be sensed, please spin the male terminal clockwise until tight.

Packaging details:
  Model Product Size
Packing Size (mm) N.W
HC-FL-TF2C-1 360*200*95 430*265*150 3.2   4.1
HC-FL-TF2C-2 360*200*175 430*265*230 4.7   5.7
HC-FL-TF2C-3 360*260*255 430*335*330 5.6   6.6
HC-FL-TF2C-4 360*260*335 475*430*210 6.7   8.0
HC-FL-TF2C-5 360*360*415 615*430*210 8.4   9.9
HC-FL-TF2C-6 360*360*495 660*430*210 9.4   11.1
HC-FL-TF2C-6 360*360*575 695*430*210 10.1   11.6