LED products export to countries along The Belt & Road in First quarter reached 637 million USD


“The Belt & Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum held in Beijing from May 14, 2017 to 15th, the forum is the highest standard of forum activities since the “B&R” was put forward more than 3 years ago. It is this year’s important home diplomatic activities of our country, to promote international and regional cooperation is of great significance.

This period, small series first overview LED lighting products Export “B&R” the market situation in 64 countries, the next several will be introduced in the area. We want to first see which country or region, welcome to the message after the text, small series will make every effort to satisfy everyone!


“B&R” is the “Silk Road Economy Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” abbreviation. Across Eurasia, East Asia Pacific Rim Economic Circle, west of Europe into economic circles. Whether it is to develop economy, improve people’s livelihood, or cope with the crisis, accelerate adjustment, many countries along with our country have a common interest.

Historically, the Overland Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road are the great channels of our country with Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, East Africa, Europe and trade and cultural exchanges, “B&R” is the heritage and ascension of the ancient Silk Road, gained widespread recognition.

“B&R” to build a world’s longest span, the most promising economic corridor, the region is the world’s most vibrant region, along the way is emerging markets and developing countries, many countries have obvious advantages of development, the development of huge space.

China has been with the “B&R” the country has close and close economic and trade cooperation, including LED lighting products trade. We also hope that our country’s LED lighting products can follow the “B&R” step farther and wider!

I. Total exports exceed $600 million

According to analysis: 2017 The first quarter, China’s LED lighting products export 64 “along the way” 64 countries total amount of up to 6. The $3.7 billion grew by 12% over the same period 2016. 42%, accounted for the LED export market 24. 3%.

Second, LED lighting product type analysis

According to analysis: 2017 Q1 export product type with 2016, excluding 36. 98% of the non-listed lamps, bulb lamp, tube lamp, lamp, still occupy three places.
Bulb lamp with 1. The total exports of $3.2 billion were ranked first, accounting for 20. 75%, increased by 126% over the same period 2016. 87%.
The second is the led tube lamp, the total export is 58.75 million USD, accounted for the ratio of 9. 23%, the year grew 33. 21%.
The third is the lamp strip, the total export is 40.65 million USD, accounted for the ratio of 6. 39%, the year down 13. 4%.
Top five of the lighting products accounted for nearly half, the visibility of the concentration of products is quite high.

Third, the ranking of export destination countries, Russia ranked first
According to analysis: 2017 Q1, imports of China’s LED lighting products most of the 10 countries, Russia, 57.52 million-dollar ranked champion throne, compared to 2016 the same period declined 11. 4%.
Poland ranked second in 52.53 million dollars, and grew 3. 14%.
2nd runner-up for India, imports of China’s LED lighting products 45.14 million US dollars, a year increase of 46. 94%.

Fourth, the export enterprise neutrality fidelity to the first

According to statistics: 2017 Q1 China LED lighting products export “B&R” the country’s enterprises have 3,837, the top 30 of the total export of enterprises 1. 8.6 billion of dollars, accounted for less than 30%, the overall concentration of less visible.

The top 10 companies as shown in the following illustration, the total exports of the first 10 enterprises only 86.9 million dollars, accounted for only 13. 65%.

Date: May 15, 2017

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