Ho Chi Minh City will replace 196,000pcs public LED lighting products


According to the Vietnamese Saigon economic times reported on February 19, in order to save energy, Ho Chi Minh City Office of Commerce, recently proposed to the city authority a letter in 2016-2020 in the city all of the State public lighting with LED lamps.

At present, Ho Chi Minh state lighting products, about 196,000 of the public, which is 1.2 meters long fluorescent or compact Searchlight, and part of the high pressure sodium lamp (70-100W). It is worth mentioning that these spontaneous installation of lighting products for people directly connected to the electricity grid, apt to cause fire, electric shock, leakage, destruction of landscape, waste of energy, does not meet the technical requirements for lighting.

40W LED energy-saving lamps are recommended by the Office of industry and commerce, each lamp height 6 m, 10 m intervals. By the county authority for investment business owner, is responsible for the installation of electric lighting poles, LED lights and accessories.

Solve a funding diversification: 100% use of Community funds, the State and public investment, the State and the enterprise investment, national investment in full.

Plans to select five counties to pilot, gain experience, and then rolled out in the city.

At present, Ho Chi Minh City, lighting an average annual of about 162 million, of which public lighting electricity consumption of about 90 million, spending about 130 billion Vietnamese Dong (US $6 million).


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